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JukeCD Released

A minor upgrade to JukeCD has been released removing the FreeDB Copy and Paste function and the Search FreeDB function as the FreeDB folks are closing down in March, 2020. 

We have added a Copy and Paste function using the Discogs website.

Written by Christopher Warren — February 04, 2020

JukeCD Released

A minor update to allow longer title card font names to be saved.

Written by Christopher Warren — September 11, 2019

JukeCD Released

Fixes the following:

  • An error in the 2 15/16 x 4 5/8 card size - the card height was being set at 4 3/4 (4.75) inches and should be 4.625.
  • Links to the low Profile Software website for technical support

Modified the following:

  • Modified secondary windows to open in the center of the calling window.
  • Location of license code storage modified to deal with Windows security protocols.


  • Ability to select the starting number for the tracks when Auto-Numbering is active.  Previous versions always started numbering tracks at 01.  Now you can select a different value for the numbering of tracks.

Written by Mark Warren — March 02, 2017

JukeCD Released

This version of JukeCD fixes a bug in the Play List printing routine that would indicate there was no data to display incorrectly.

Also, a new license code will be required for this version.  If you already have an earlier JukeCD 5 version and install the newest version of JukeCD you will need to contact the Sales department at sales@lowprofilesoftware.com

Written by Mark Warren — September 12, 2015

JukeCD Released

 Just a couple of modifications to the release.  Thanks to Darrell for finding these problems.

Written by Mark Warren — March 01, 2013