JukeBox Released

An update to the JukeBox 6 program has been released.  This update fixes a bug that was introduce...

JukeCD Update

A couple of potential bugs were fixed.  Read the details

JukeCD Update

JukeCD version released mostly to deal with changes to the Discogs website that made the ...

Program Updates

We have released updates to both of our programs recently.  Click on the version history links be...

JukeBox Released

Read about the changes

JukeCD Update Released

Several additions and modifications JukeCD Details

JukeBox Released

Several additions and some fixes for JukeBox 6. JukeBox 6 Version History

JukeCD Released

A minor update to JukeCD Read more

JukeBox 6 Update Released

JukeBox released. Read more

JukeBox 6 Released

The new JukeBox 6 program has been released.   Read more  

JukeBox 5 Discontinued

After 18+ years of service the JukeBox 5 program has been laid to rest.  JukeBox 6 is a worthy re...

JukeCD Released

A minor upgrade to JukeCD has been released removing the FreeDB Copy and Paste function and the S...

JukeCD Released

A minor update to allow longer title card font names to be saved.

JukeCD Released

Fixes the following: An error in the 2 15/16 x 4 5/8 card size - the card height was being set a...

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