JukeBox Released

Several additions and some fixes for JukeBox 6. JukeBox 6 Version History

JukeCD Released

A minor update to JukeCD Read more

JukeBox 6 Update Released

JukeBox released. Read more

JukeBox 6 Released

The new JukeBox 6 program has been released.   Read more  

JukeBox 5 Discontinued

After 18+ years of service the JukeBox 5 program has been laid to rest.  JukeBox 6 is a worthy re...

JukeCD Released

A minor upgrade to JukeCD has been released removing the FreeDB Copy and Paste function and the S...

JukeCD Released

A minor update to allow longer title card font names to be saved.

JukeCD Released

Fixes the following: An error in the 2 15/16 x 4 5/8 card size - the card height was being set a...

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