JukeBox 6 Release and Upgrade Pricing

The new JukeBox 6 program is a major reworking of the older JukeBox program.

What's New in JukeBox 6

There are screenshots and more detail on the JukeBox page.

With the release of JukeBox 6 comes a price increase - our first price increase since 2002.  The new price is $54.95 as a download and $59.95 on CD.

If you purchased JukeBox 5 on or after January 1, 2020 you will be able to purchase a JukeBox 6 license code for $10.00 - which is the difference between the JukeBox 5 price and the JukeBox 6 price.

For customers that purchased JukeBox 5 or earlier there are several upgrade discounts and the date you purchased will be a factor in the amount of discount available to you.

Regardless of when you purchased an older version of JukeBox send an email to sales@lowprofilesoftware.com and we will send you a discount code that will reduce the price of JukeBox 6.


Version History

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