JukeBox 5 Recent History

JukeBox 5 Discontinued September 10, 2020

  • JukeBox 5 was discontinued with the impending release of JukeBox 6 released May 3, 2020

  • Added offsets to the title and header rows in Reports
  • Modified the New Record default values to allow "None"
  • Modified New Artist entry so Enter key works like the Tab key
  • Changed "Disable Auto Update" below the record title strip image to read "Disable Title Strip Auto Update" to prevent confusion about the program being in Auto Update mode
  • Modified the Print Basket indexing to prevent possible lock up
  • Modified the data file update released February 23, 2018

  • Modified the Duplicate Record Check to be case sensitive
  • Modified the Duplicate Record Check to return to the current record in the record data if the search is cancelled.
  • Updated the tech support email page released February 19, 2018

  • Modified the record data files to increase the capacity of the Artist, Song Titles and Info Lines to 60 characters
  • Modified the Duplicate Record Checking function
  • Added Duplicate Record Checking option to Records menu
  • Added a function to change graphics links when installation location has changed from an older location released March 16, 2016

  • Modified the license code scheme requiring a new license code.
  • Modified the license code storing to deal with new Windows security protocols.
  • Made internal change to accommodate Windows 10 changes. released August 18, 2012

    • Fixed a bug that could disable the Details and Custom data entry areas released May 14, 2012

    • Resolved label printing issue that resized labels when a line of text wrapped to a second line. released April 16, 2012

    • Resolved printing problem of cutting off right-hand edge of text and quotes.
    • Redesigned the Title Strip Setup screen.
    • Modified Report preview to show all the pages.
    • Added Page numbering options to the Report printing.
    • Added Open/Close arrows on the Record Info screen for the Details and Custom panels.
    • Add link to define Custom fields from the Record Info screen.
    • Added Artist option to labels - select either File Name or Display Name. released April 16, 2008

    • Modified Paper Setup to allow larger paper sizes (15" length, 9" width).
    • Corrected Paper Setup screen to show all strip positions when strip count exceeds 20.
    • Added code to resolve "Floating Point Overflow" errors that occur with some printers.

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