Update JukeBox

This page only pertains if you have already installed an earlier version JukeBox 6

There are two ways to update your JukeBox 6 program to version  

1 - Download the installation file from the JukeBox download page and reinstall the program.  This will NOT erase any of your settings or data.

2 - Download just the new program file (link below) and place it in your existing JukeBox 6 folder replacing the original file.  This is a smaller file to download and will not include the modified Help file.

The link below will download only the JukeBox 6 program file.  It must be placed in the existing JukeBox 6 folder on your PC.  Here are the steps to do this:

1 - Download the JukeBox 6 program file - the file is named JB6.exe.

2 - Be sure the older version of JukeBox is not running.

3 -  Place the downloaded file in the JukeBox 6 folder - the default location is C:\JukeBox 6.  This will replace the older JB6.exe file - there will be a Windows message about there already being a file with that name, choose the Replace option.

That's all you need to do.

Click to download the JukeBox 6 program file

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