What's New in JukeBox 6

The most significant changes and differences from JukeBox 5 are listed below:

Version - released 9/15/2020

  • New jukebox panel main screen.
  • New user interface screens.
  • Easily import JukeBox 5 data and settings.
  • A new and powerful record grid - easy to sort, filter and arrange columns.
  • Import records from a Discogs Collection.
  • Copy and paste record information from Discogs website.
  • 45 RPM and 78 RPM records are kept in the same data file.
  • There is only one artist name in the (First Name) (Last Name) order.
  • "THE" is considered part of the artist name, so THE BEATLES are sorted under the letter "T" - if you don't want to do that then you would enter The Beatles as Beatles.
  • Different grid color and font size schemes.
  • Print song lists for all records or the records at a single location.
  • The title strip print preview displays WYSIWYG actual print out and changes made to the settings are immediately shown on the preview.
  • Quick¬†switch between records and title strip screens.
  • Export record data to a CSV (comma separated values) file for use in a spreadsheet application.
  • Easy to add and modify Artists and Locations and associated records.
  • Easy to add and modify look up tables for Condition, Style and Label data and update appropriate records.
  • Records report generation - save different layouts and easily add/delete fields from print out.
  • Sleeve and Artist label printing - simpler with multiple settings.
  • Import from older versions of JukeBox (4.5 and earlier).
  • Import record information from a DBF (data base file) file.
  • Import record information from a CSV (comma separated values) file.
  • Improved Back Up and Restore functions.
  • Improved Help file with slideshows and images.

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