Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What operating systems will your software run on?

A: Our software will run on all Microsoft Windows operating systems from XP to Windows 11. Our software will NOT run on Apple operating systems.

Q: What is your refund policy - can I try the program before I buy?

A:  All of our software sales are final and non-refundable.

Be sure you have the correct program for your style of jukebox.

- JukeBox is for vinyl record jukeboxes

- JukeCD is for CD jukeboxes

There is absolutely no difference in the installation files regardless of the delivery method.  Whether you download the installation file or receive the program on CD, the program that is installed is the same.

You can try out programs in Demo Mode before purchasing.

All of our software can be downloaded, installed and tested in Demo Mode before purchasing.  To download the installation file for a program, click on the Download link for the program you want to try at the bottom of this page.

In Demo Mode report printing is disabled and the title strips (JukeBox) and title cards (JukeCD) are obscured - see the images below.

Once a purchase is made you will either:

  • Receive an email with a license code if you purchase the Download
  • Receive an install CD with license code via the USPS

Should you have any doubt about the program working for you, we strongly recommend that you download, install and give it a test ride before you purchase.

Please note:  All software sales are final and non-refundable.

Please note that our software only runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Our software does not run Apple operating systems.

Q: Do you provide free technical support?

A:  Yes, free technical support is provided to all registered users.  

All technical support is provided by email.  

Our support email address is

Q: How do I align title cards?

A: There are only 4 settings for positioning the title cards on a page. You adjust these settings by clicking on the Card button on the Title Card Print Preview screen.  All the other settings position the text items on the card but have no effect on where the card prints on the page.

Assuming you have the correct card size, the adjustments for the card placement on the paper are on the Print Preview screen under the Card page in the Card Position area.

  • The Top Margin adjusts the entire print out up or down on the paper.
  • The Left Margin adjusts the entire print out left or right on the page.
  • The Between Rows is the space between the top and bottom row of title cards.
  • The Between Cols is the space between the left-hand column and the right-hand column.

By changing these settings, you can position the title cards where you need them to print. 

If you are printing on perforated sheets, we suggest printing on plain paper for testing. Then hold up the plain paper print out behind the perforated page in front of a bright light to check for alignment. This prevents wasting the perforated sheets.



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