Update Software

This page allows you to update an older version of the software you already have installed on your PC. 

The program files available here will only work if you have already installed an earlier version the program and the version you have is not older than the required version shown below.  If the existing version is too old then your license code will not work with the new version and you will need to purchase an upgrade to your software.

 JukeBox JukeCD
Update to
Update to
Requires or later Requires or later
No new license code required No new license code required
Version History Version History
File Name: JB6.exe File Name: JCD5.exe
Default Location: C:\JukeBox  6
Default Location: C:\JukeCD 5
Download JukeBox 6 Download JukeCD 5

Download the newest Help file
Place this file in the Help folder- default location: C:\JukeBox 6\Help

Update Instructions

  1. Be sure the program you are updating is not running.
  2. Download the new program file using the appropriate link in the grid above.
  3. NOTE WELL:  Move the downloaded program file from the Downloads folder to the existing program location on your PC (default shown above) replacing the existing program file.  Failure to do this will cause errors and indicate a new license code is needed (which it is not)!
  4. This will not update your Help file.
  5. If indicated that a new license code is needed email sales@lowprofilesoftware.com to request a new license code.
  6. When you first run the new program file you may get a warning from Windows - read how to bypass this warning here.

If you want to update your program by running the new version installation file then go to the Downloads page to get the installation file.  Reinstalling the program will not affect any of your existing data or settings.  If you choose to update in this manner you will get the updated Help file.

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